St Martins Lane

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St. Martenslane is a self-service hotel. You check in at Townhouse, our sister hotel across the street, where you can enjoy a tasty traditional soup prepared by Saveurs, the Maastricht delicatessen. You’ll be given your own key for your own ‘home’ in Maastricht! St. Martenslane provides all the basics for a comfortable stay, and if you need anything else you can just cross the street or walk into the centre of Maastricht. You’ll then be able to enjoy the city like a resident. That’s our idea of hospitality and freedom. You can make your own tea and coffee in your room. If you’d like some specially-blended tea, take a souvenir pack of Maison Blanche Dael tea with you from Townhouse.

Need to lay in to sleep off work stress or a hangover? Want to enjoy a relaxing bath on your last day? For an extra € 12 you can delay your checkout until 12:00 noon. What else would you like? A hearty and healthy breakfast? Okay, but you’ll have to go across the street. You can leave your room key there too. See you next time!

If you have any dietary preferences such as a gluten-free breakfast, please let us know 24 hours in advance via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., then we'll take care of it.

You’re here for a few days, so we’d like to help you!

    • Every morning over at the Townhouse hotel you can enjoy a wonderful buffet breakfast with local and traditional products and a glass of sparkling wine. You’re welcome from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM and at weekends from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon.
    • You can enjoy a restful night’s sleep here, and yet one of the main city centre streets is just 150 metres away. The Vrijthof square is 10 minutes’ walk away. 
    • There’s nothing better than waking up to your own freshly-made coffee! That’s why it’s free in your room.
    • Wi-Fi is free. Your password is ‘internet’.
    • Smoking is expensive, especially in your bedroom here at St. Martenslane. We only smoke outdoors. If you smoke indoors, it will cost you € 100 per day.
    • Down in the lobby is an old fried snack dispenser, where you can get a snack. You can also get extra tea or coffee here. If you’d like a slice of Limburg famous ‘vlaai’ (sweet cake), feel free to call in across the way. Townhouse serves fresh vlaai from the best baker in Maastricht! 
    • Like to take some fresh vlaai home? We’ll order it and have it ready for you tomorrow.
    • You’re welcome to come to Townhouse 24/7, call +31 (0)43 323 30 90 or dial 9 on the telephone in the lobby.
    • On-street parking is limited to two hours and parking on the opposite side of the street is for permit holders only. You can park your car securely in one of our locked car parks. 
    • You can have a lie-in! For € 12 up to 12:00 noon. Early birds check out no later than 11:00 AM. 
    • We have an app for you, with tips and a map. You can log in at the desk across the street. 
    • What if it’s raining? Come and play cards at Townhouse or book afternoon tea with us. Delightful! The cinema is just around the corner if you want to see a movie.

Pets are not allowed.


Accepted credit cards: American Express, Visa, Euro/Mastercard.

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