St Martins Lane makeover

Hip Hotel Maastricht --make-over---


The hotel has undergone a metamorphosis. The design of the nostalgic and romantic furniture will energize you as you sleep in its suites. St. Martenslane Maastricht was a Hip Hotel and has been reborn as a Hip Hotel. The interior is an eclectic mix of traditional techniques and modern design. The furniture was made by hand on the premises. With a little imagination you can still hear the sawing and hammering. And here and there you may see a pile of sawdust or a nail or a screw ...


Guest Rooms

St. Martenslane Craft Hotel has 13 generously sized guest rooms, which any other hotel would call suites. At 40 m² they’re larger than any superior room in Maastricht: large enough to dance around your comfortable king-sized bed, and to wander off to your bathroom past your workbench that’s also where you can make a coffee! A beautiful LED TV, free Wi-Fi, your own tea and coffee making facilities, and a safe for your bling, Cartier or Mac if you go shopping. Oh yes, the safe is big enough for your laptop!

All bedrooms have a designer interior with a look and feel that tells you it’s hand-made. St. Martenslane hotel is situated just outside the bustling city centre, so you can sleep peacefully and enjoy a long lie-in. At just 150 metres from Maastricht Central Station, you’ll never miss your train! Not tired yet? Everything is within reach: shops, restaurants, cafés and bars, museums... you name it. Or you could travel further afield. Why not take the train to Antwerp??



St. Martenslane is a self-service hotel. You check in at Townhouse, our sister hotel across the street, where you can enjoy a tasty traditional soup prepared by Saveurs, the Maastricht delicatessen. You’ll be given your own key for your own ‘home’ in Maastricht! St. Martenslane provides all the basics for a comfortable stay, and if you need anything else you can just cross the street or walk into the centre of Maastricht. You’ll then be able to enjoy the city like a resident. That’s our idea of hospitality and freedom. You can make your own tea and coffee in your room. If you’d like some specially-blended tea, take a souvenir pack of Maison Blanche Dael tea with you from Townhouse.

Need to lay in to sleep off work stress or a hangover? Want to enjoy a relaxing bath on your last day? For an extra €12 you can delay your checkout until 12:00 noon. What else would you like? A hearty and healthy breakfast? Okay, but you’ll have to go across the street. You can leave your room key there too. See you next time!!


Traditional Buffet Breakfast in Townhouse

Local Limburg apple juice, homemade jam, meatloaf from Saveurs, or genuine ‘cave cheese’. As well as bread from the Maastricht baker, you’ll also find farmhouse yoghurt. Breakfast as it should be: good and healthy, with crackers, tomato and a boiled egg, and as an indulgence: chocolate rolls and apple pie from the oven. It’s all ready for you every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and at weekends from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM!


Maastricht Crafts

Every city has its own crafts. Maastricht used to be teeming with tailors, milliners, shoemakers, weavers, and more besides. A love of traditional craft methods means that many businesses continue to this day to make their products ‘by hand'. Examples? Well, here are some...

Artifort left the city, but fortunately MOSA tiles and SPHINX are still here. The showrooms are well worth visiting, even if only for the architecture or the old-fashioned factory setting. Handmade designer bags from Milan Palma. Crafts & Co, a shop with a select range of handmade goods. The traditional Mathieu Hermans bakery and the Bisschopsmolen mill, where you can not only get to know the baker’s craft but also learn about the miller’s craft that lies at the origin of every loaf of bread and every ’vlaai’ (Limburg’s speciality sweet tart). No visit would be complete without calling in at Blanche Dael coffee roasters & tea packers, where coffee roasting remains a true craft that is handed down from master to apprentice.



Time for something new, something different. The Hip Hotel was great! The very first non-smoking hotel in the Netherlands and even in the Benelux countries. It was the pilot for the successful QBIC hotel that’s now an international success! After ten years, the hotel on which the Qbic Hotels in Amsterdam and London were based was due for a makeover. The people at PUIK ART made it a very special metamorphosis. They gave young, talented people an opportunity. Puik Art is a business run by two enthusiastic young men who work exclusively with young and talented designers, artists, and architects to give them an opportunity without tying them to a lifelong contract.

The transformation of Hip Hotel St. Martenslane: from young & hip to a traditional workshop from London’s unique, authentic St Martin's Lane. St. Maartenslaan in Maastricht now has a fabulous Craft Hotel called St. Martenslane. The renovation has just been completed, with spectacular results.

The Maastricht hotel has been transformed from a hip, designer hotel into a hotel that combines traditional crafts with modern design. Created by the architect Sjoerd Jonkers with extensive use of natural materials. The interior design is by Puik Art's Sjoerd Jonkers (1983), who loves working with local materials – including in this case Mosa tiles and Sphinx bathroom fittings. Craft Hotel St. Martenslane is the perfect place for anyone who wants a taste of Maastricht in every sense. 

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