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Winner of People Planet Profit AWARD 2014/'15!mvo logo

Qbic Hotel Amsterdam, member of La Bergère Group, the winner of the 2014/'15 IMMENS CSR award! Alongside five other frontrunners in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship, we WON the award that is presented annually to businesses in a specific region or municipality that have become successful through their sustainable business practices for people, planet and profit.

La Bergère Group was able to convince the jury with activities that include the introduction of its ‘Soup Bus’ in 2011. This is an initiative in which soup is handed out to homeless people on the coldest days of the year and which has resulted in a unique collaboration on several fronts with the Dutch Salvation Army. Our implementation of ‘The Masters’ concept in our day-to-day activities was also considered a good example by the jury. In this initiative, we offer teenagers and young adults with special needs the opportunity to actively participate in society. And last but not least, awards we have won previously such as ‘Green Key Gold’ and ‘Green Globe’ in Qbic Hotel Amsterdam also played a part in our award.

Keep on surprising
We believe that paying attention is the ultimate luxury; a luxury that can be attained affordably simply by continuing to surprise others with creative and straightforward experiences. Our sustainable business practices include developing new values while remaining faithful to our core principles: we are friendly, polite, thoughtful, hospitable and enterprising. Together with our proud staff and entrepreneurs who share the same norms and values as us, we create new opportunities and strike out along new paths.

La Bergère Group
La Bergère Group develops and exploits hospitality concepts in which we collaborate with local specialists to create and strengthen unique relationships. This allows us to do what we do best. The company's director, Rino Soeters, explains: “This is extremely important as we want to continue developing a healthy business. The market is changing and we have noticed others copying our concepts, which is why we want to remain creative and innovative. This is what we are passionate about, what we are good at and what motivates us!”




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Green Key (formerly “Environmental barometer”) is the leading international quality mark for companies in the tourism and recreational sector that are making serious and ascertainable efforts to integrate sustainability and environmental care into their business practices. The GREEN KEY is awarded only to companies whose efforts in this area go further than what is demanded by current legislation and regulations.

The Green Key quality mark is a tool for measuring the environmental performance of the company and encouraging further improvements. According to Rino Soeters, director of Townhouse, it also has a positive impact on one's own actions. “The biggest change probably takes place in yourself,” says Soeters. “For our company and the employees, it denotes a culture shift, as it's a tool for measuring your own environmental performance.” The goal of Green Key certification is to protect the environment as well as reduce costs. In addition, the Green Key quality mark contributes to a good working relationship with the relevant authorities, as the company shoulders its responsibility with regard to the environment.

The Green Key organization awarded its “Gold” certification to Townhouse Design hotel Maastricht due to its compliance with 26 mandatory and 21 optional measures for environmentally-aware entrepreneurship. The mandatory measures mostly relate to reducing the consumption of electricity, gas and water, sorting and reducing waste, and reducing the use of paper. The optional measures implemented by the Design hotel include the purchase of organic products, sorting waste materials, the use of energy-efficient lighting (LED) and incentives for employees and guests to use bicycles.

Dealing sustainably with nature and the environment is a responsibility that is taken very seriously by the Townhouse Design hotel Maastricht. In doing so, we do our best to find a balance between the financial aspects of our company and its social and ecological footprint. This balance is based on the concept of people, planet and profit.

"The gold certification is the crowning achievement of our work over the last year. It ensures that corporate social responsibility (CSR) will remain a core value within our Design hotel and that our guests can find sustainable everyday lodgings in rather special Maastricht surroundings. The Green Key Certificate demonstrates that we aim to do more than take the latest trends and design into account in terms of aesthetics,” adds Rino Soeters.

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