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Oostelijke Mijnstreek

The Oostelijke Mijnstreek (“Eastern Mining District”) is a region including seven municipalities (Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Brunssum, Voerendaal, Simpelveld and Onderbanken). This so-called plus-region is also known as Parkstad (“Parkcity”). The features of the old mine colonies are alternated with green agricultural pastures as seen in the Heuvelland region which borders on the Oostelijke Mijnstreek.

Diverse mix
The region borders on Germany and contains several streams and agricultural areas. Beside the green aspects of the Oostelijke Mijnstreek, there is also an urban area where over 240,000 people live. This urban area forms a strip from Brunssum to Heerlen, Landgraaf and terminates in Kerkrade.
The region has a rich coal mining history. It was known between 1900 and 1975 for its many coal mines. After the closure of the mines, they still left their mark on the land. There are many monuments and old coal hills located in the area but also businesses and recreational areas have been constructed on top of former mining sites.
There are hiking and cycling routes throughout the area which give a good impression on how the industrial and environmental pieces fit together. Tourism is also a key factor in the Oostelijke Mijnstreek.
Several museums are situated in the area including Continium in Kerkrade, Thermen museum in Heerlen and Hoensbroek Castle in Hoensbroek. Nature lovers can enjoy themselves in Wereldtuinen Mondo Verde (Landgraaf) and GaiaPark Kerkrade Zoo which was chosen three times in a row as Most Beautiful Zoo in the Benelux.
Culture is a important part of South Limburg. Several festivals are being held in the Oostelijke Mijnstreek including Pinkpop, the oldest annual pop festival in the world, Cultura Nova and the Orlando Festival. Culture fans will enjoy the activities inside the Glaspaleis and the various theatres and stages. Sports addicts can enjoy themselves in the world’s largest indoor ski resort SnowWorld Landgraaf or watch the soccer matches of Roda JC in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in Kerkrade.
Nature lovers and hikers aren’t forgotten in the Oostelijke Mijnstreek. Parkstad is a rich cultural region with urban areas combined with nature. Just perfect for nature lovers, lovely walks, bicycle or mountain bike tours. There are many beautiful walking routes in the forest of Schinveld, the Brunssummerheide, the forest of Imstenrade and the Cranenweyer reservoir.
A beautiful green site with a rich industrial history located 20 kilometers from Maastricht. It is only 20 minutes by car from Hip Hotel St. Martenslane. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Limburg!